Nanostart AG: First-half figures 2015 published and new supervisory board elected

  • Publication of first-half figures 2015
  • Shareholders‘ meeting elected new supervisory board  

Frankfurt am Main – 21 August 2015 – Frankfurt-based nanotechnology investment company, Nanostart AG, today publishes the financial results for the first half-year 2015. The semi-annual report is available as of now for download from the website of the corporation in the Investor Relations area.

Moreover, Nanostart AG announces a change in the Supervisory Board.

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Nanostart AG: Financial Statements for the Financial Year 2014

  • Extensive write-downs have a negative effect on the annual result of the financial year 2014
  • Further need to write down and retirement from the stock exchange are being analysed.

Frankfurt am Main – 26 June 2015 – Nanostart AG is today publishing its annual financial statements for the financial year 2014. The financial year 2014 is concluded with a loss of EUR 8.88 million. Results were considerably impacted by value adjustments totalling EUR 8.40 million. The value adjustments refer to write-downs at ItN Nanovation AG, at Namos GmbH and in part to value adjustments at New Asia Investments Pte. Ltd., which was necessary due to the write-down of BioMers Pte. Ltd., as well as the loans to the subsidiary, VentureTech Equity-Partners GmbH.

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Nanostart AG: Mr Neef's appointment as CEO extended

  • Neef's activity as CEO has been extended

Frankfurt am Main – 20 March 2015 – Nanostart AG announces that according to the Supervisory Board's resolution, dated 19 March 2015, Mr Neef's appointment as CEO was extended until 31 December 2015. Up to now, Mr Neef was appointed as interim CEO.

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Nanostart AG: New Board of Directors appointed

  • Bernd Förtsch has become member of the Board of Directors

Frankfurt am Main – 10 February 2015 – The Nanostart AG announces that the District Court Frankfurt am Main has met the request of the Executive Board of the Nanostart AG by means of the decision in January 2015, appointing Mr Bernd Förtsch as member of the company’s Board of Directors.


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Nanostart AG publishes annual accounts for the 2013 financial year

  • Nanostart AG achieved a net profit of EUR 0.34 million after tax
  • Company virtually free of liabilities (previous year EUR 3.81 million)
  • Operating expenses reduced by 54.8 percent

Frankfurt / Main – July 1, 2014 - The Frankfurt-based nanotechnology investment company Nanostart AG is today publishing its annual financial statements for the 2013 financial year. The company posted a net profit of EUR 0.34 million according to HGB (German Commercial Code).

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