About us

Identifying opportunities early

Nanostart is a leading nanotechnology investment company. Nanostart invests in young, up-and-coming companies which seek to commercialize a highly promising nanotechnology-based product or process. In selecting its portfolio companies, Nanostart particularly focuses on companies whose innovations stand to solve some of the most challenging future problems facing mankind.

Investing with focus

Nanostart intensively examines its investment candidates. As a provider of venture capital to companies around the world, Nanostart invests in those phases in which the growth in companies and their value are the most rapid and profitable. These investments are made either directly by Nanostart AG or through a fund structure. The amount invested per deal ranges between one and ten million euro.

Commercializing for success

Nanostart not only invests with its financial capital but also by providing advisory support with its management experience and commercialization know-how. Beyond this, the portfolio companies benefit from Nanostart’s global network of contacts in business, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as among investors and capital market experts.

Selling at a profit

Every portfolio investment is made with a view toward a successful exit. Nanostart’s objective is thus to sell its holdings when the time is right to a commercial buyer for a substantial profit. Along the way to this ultimate goal, initial public offerings may help access new sources of capital.

Doing business globally

Nanostart identifies investment candidates from the world’s most promising nanotechnology companies. Its portfolio thus spans the globe, from the research centers of Germany all the way to Silicon Valley and Asia. Since 2008, Nanostart holds a subsidiary in Singapore and invests as partner of the government of Singapore.